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Housing disputes

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Each person is entitled to own real estate and freely use it at ones own discretion. Every real estate unit requires a definition of its property status with relevant characteristics and value. Housing disputes are one of the most frequent subjects of a court trial featuring a number of nuances, from the moment of identification of ownership to the moment of evaluation and enforcement; it is often necessary to identify real owners of a house and fulfill a procedure for the consolidation of their duties and restoration of their rights.

Legal assistance may also be required in the provision of an accommodation in the deconstruction of a residential building, the identification of a share in the real estate ownership, the recognition of a purchase and sale, exchange, gift or rent agreement as invalid, the reclamation of real estate from unlawful possession by other persons, a share in construction project and court trials regarding condominium and housing cooperative cases.

Services of a lawyer specializing in housing issues are required by both individuals and legal entities.

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