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Elaboration and evaluation of economic agreements
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Elaboration and evaluation of economic agreements

The more a lawyer says the less the judge memorizes

The same as any state dealing with partners on a foreign market, a company which concludes a foreign economic cooperation agreement is compelled to honor the commitments and agreements based on international declarations and regulations.

Foreign economic collaboration is based on strict rules and conditions, which are universally interpreted for the sides involved. Companies reaching out to the global market need a specialist knowledgeable of technicalities of foreign economic activity and professionally aware of terms of the fulfillment of commitments the sides undertake by their agreement. Legal nuances of the country, where the commitments are due to be fulfilled, need to be taken into consideration.

In addition, a foreign economic cooperation agreement requires mandatory auditing in order to avoid a violation of its deadlines or terms, because certain terms, universal for sides to such agreements, may not be available in some countries.

We help our clients to:

- identify the status of a partner on the client’s territory;

- obtain entitling documents of a partner, apostille;

- identify his accreditation on the territory of the client, economic unions;

- analyze or draw up a foreign economic agreement and its appendices in two languages;

- apply the requirements of international conventions, INCOTERMS, regulations of economic unions and customary business practice.

- provide pre-trial settlement, litigation, appeals, a call for or cancellation of sanctions.

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