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Family ang heritage disputes

Never say you know a man until you have divided an inheritance with him.

(J. Lavater)

Problems in human relationships have been a pressing issue as long as mankind exists. Any person on the planet has a spouse and a family, parents and heirs, which leads to the appearance of certain rights and duties defined by the government and the practice within the framework of family and heritage law.

Who has the right to dispose and of what during his lifetime? Who is entitled to inherit and what? What commitments shall be fulfilled in that connection? The complexity and diversity of such issues practically rule out the possibility of independent defense of one’s interests.

Property and financial liabilities of spouses can be identified by agreements, which guarantee the rights and duties of the sides, the mutual protection of their interests and the freedom of their choice. A marriage contract is an agreement between the prospective spouses whose main purpose is to settle their property relations during their marriage and in the case of a breakup. Our specialists will give you a recommendation based on the existing legislation and providing a full confidentiality to help you resolve property issues in a precise and correct way by drawing up a marriage contract.

LawMedia helps you to:

- draw up a marriage contract;

- divide the joint property of spouses;

- decide on custody of a child;

- identify or challenge fatherhood;

- reduce the size of alimony etc.

If you are dealing with the acceptance of inheritance, want to restore the time of inheritance acceptance, to protect your inheritance rights at court or if there is a claim for invalidation of a last will, we will give you skilled advice and legal support at various instances.

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