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Elaboration and evaluation of economic agreements
is a progressive and modern method of setting disputes and conflicts.
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Arbitration and Representation in Arbitration Court

Ignorance of the law excuses no man but knowledge does


An arbitration court is a body entitled to resolve economic disputes rooted in civil, administrative and other types of relationships. LawMedia lawyers can represent your interests in various disputes, including the elaboration of your stand and documents (a lawsuit, an appeal, cassation or supervisory complaints) in the case of:

- the non-fulfillment of agreements;

- the sub-standard fulfillment of commitments by a partner;

- the fining by tax administration and controlling bodies;

We represent the interests of a client at all instances.


It is possible to settle a dispute between the parties at an intermediate court, a non-governmental judicial body on the condition the sides add a clause to their agreement stipulating the settlement of all disputes at one intermediate court or another, up to the choice of a judge.

Judgments made by the intermediate courts have an equal legal value with judgments made by the governmental courts. A skillful use of the advantages of such a relationship will provide a rapider adoption and repeal of court orders. In addition, this type of relationship implies a greater degree of trust based on the assistance from court enjoying the greatest credibility and deserved reputation.

Competent specialists of our company will represent your interests at an arbitration court or another one and will help to settle a dispute without much strain, satisfy the interests of the client and maintain the dignity of the sides.

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