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marriage contracts, divide the joint property, decide on custody of a child, heritage disputes
Elaboration and evaluation of economic agreements
is a progressive and modern method of setting disputes and conflicts.
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representation in Arbitration Court, general jurisdiction and magistrate courts
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Tax disputes

The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law


Any type of commercial activity implies the payment of taxes in a procedure established by the government. It is often necessary to specify the amount of levied taxes and imposed fines and to protect oneself from over-applied sums. The tax legislation is based on definite rules and estimates, which must be observed strictly and unfailingly.

We will analyze your situation, foretell the possible amounts of taxes and minimize expenditures and possible fines. Using the professional expertise of our specialists, which makes it possible to draw up tentative estimates and minimize taxes within the framework of the existing legislation, it is possible to prevent sanctions by fiscal services without any violation.

LawMedia Company provides will help you:

- to analyze economic and legal activity of a company with the participation of independent auditors;

- to optimize the client’s expenditures on taxes and duties;

- to analyze and, whenever necessary, appeal acts and orders;

- to make corrections, up to the full cancellation of tax penalties in a pre-trial or court procedure;

- to hold a tax outsourcing (this service is essential whenever a taxpayer is registered outside the location of bodies of a legal service department);

- to appeal against activity or inactivity of officials, acts, orders, fines and decisions;

- to represent your interests in arbitration courts with regard to tax levies etc.

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