Family disputes
marriage contracts, divide the joint property, decide on custody of a child, heritage disputes
Elaboration and evaluation of economic agreements
is a progressive and modern method of setting disputes and conflicts.
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representation in Arbitration Court, general jurisdiction and magistrate courts
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They condemn what they do not understand


Mediation (intermediary services) is a progressive and modern method of setting disputes and conflicts.

The mediation procedure is regulated by Federal Law of the Russian Federation No 193-FZ dated 27 July 2010.

In contrast to a court action, mediation will help you resolve a conflict in a rapid and confidential fashion and preserve a constructive business and human relationship.

In the process of mediation, you will be assisted by a highly skilled mediation specialist and choose the best ways to resolve your dispute or conflict and carry on your partnership or interaction based on a voluntary, responsible and transparent procedure.

Mediators will structure and guide the negotiating process proceeding from the principles of mutual respect, equality of the sides, independence and neutrality and providing the sides with psychological security and an atmosphere of cooperation, in which the sides will be able to fully control the decision-making process in the resolution of their dispute and determine the resolution terms.

LawMedia mediators can help you with:

- family mediation;

- corporate disputes;

- civil law disputes;

- inter-religious disputes etc.

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