Family disputes
marriage contracts, divide the joint property, decide on custody of a child, heritage disputes
Elaboration and evaluation of economic agreements
is a progressive and modern method of setting disputes and conflicts.
ases at law
representation in Arbitration Court, general jurisdiction and magistrate courts
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Pre-trial dispute settlement procedure

A bad amicable agreement is better than a good trial

(A French saying)

A pre-trial (pre-action) dispute settlement procedure is a procedure aimed at resolving disputable issues between the sides before they appeal to the arbitration or another competent court.

Negotiations are a most important element in a variety of civil and economic relationships in the case there are disputes and disagreements; they are a tool of the successful settlement of disputes in a pre-trial procedure.

The pre-trial settlement of disputes, the rapidest and cheapest way of settling conflicts, helps preserve and maintain a partnership in the future.

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