Family disputes
marriage contracts, divide the joint property, decide on custody of a child, heritage disputes
Elaboration and evaluation of economic agreements
is a progressive and modern method of setting disputes and conflicts.
Сases at law
representation in Arbitration Court, general jurisdiction and magistrate courts
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Administrative cases

Conserva ordinem, et ordo te conservabit (Latin proverb)

The legislation on administrative offences is aimed at the protection of the person, of human and civil rights and freedoms, of citizens' health, of the sanitary-and-epidemiological well-being of the population, the defense of public morals, protection of the environment, of the established procedure for exercising state powers, of public order and security, of property, the protection of the lawful interests of individuals and legal entities, society and the state from administrative offences, as well as the prevention of administrative offences.

Article 1.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation

- We provide professional advice on administrative and insurance legislation;

- We represent a client at government agencies in the cases regarding administrative offenses;

- We draw up appeals, statements and claims in the cases regarding administrative offenses etc.

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